Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

So . . . here are a few things going on around the Bass house

*Tru's team won it's second game in a row and Tru scored his first run!

*I missed this, however, because I was with Bo at soccer practice watching him chase his shadow and drive his coach to the brink (Coach Chad kept his cool and was very patient, but I wouldn't be surprised if he feels the need to resort to some coping mechanism every Monday evening.)

*Sascha has become VERY interested in discussing the anatomy that separates boys from girls (or gearls, as she calls them). She will not hesitate to ask a boy (or man) if "dey hab a paintis". And she has asked if she used to have one when she was a boy. Hmmmm. Anyone want to analyze that? Yeah, me neither.

*Praise the Lord, Caroline's science project was turned in today and there were only 2 tearful incidents. If you ever want to know about cookie sheets and their predicted cookie outcome regarding time and/or appearance, Caroline is your girl. I'm just a little proud that we found a science project that involved making 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies.

*I backed into our mailbox again. In my defense, there was a neighborhood boy on a motor scooter zooming up and down our street and I was worried about hitting him. Obviously, I need to find a way to worry about hitting all objects and not focus on one.

*In the amount of time that it took me to type those 5 things, Sascha has tattooed herself with a smiley face stamp. (My leg may or may not have a few of its own as well . . . )

Happy Tuesday!

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