Wednesday, December 22, 2010


It's true. The title is not just a ploy to draw in my readers. I am a big, fat chicken. And my big, fat chickenness is on display because I am an even bigger, fatter, idiot. A couple of months ago I decided to go for a run . . . while pushing the stroller . . . and wearing my Sketcher Shape-Ups . . . in our hilly neighborhood. Well, my hip has never been the same and after an x-ray and painful exam, my doctor ordered an MRI to see if I tore anything.


Fact: An MRI of the hip requires a FULL BODY MRI for 45 MINUTES!

Fact: I am already sweating.

There is an open MRI clinic close by and they may be comparable price wise. Apparently we have pretty lousy insurance that doesn't pay as much as it should. And get this . . .  Josh works for A HOSPITAL . . . a hospital that is sending me to another hospital to have this done. Does that seem weird to anyone else? 

Anyway . . . your prayers for the people who have to deal with me next week will be much appreciated. I am sure I will scar them and annoy them. (Just ask my dentist . . . I don't handle people leaning over me and messing around with my mouth well either.)

In my defense, I have birthed 4 children with much bravado. And I had a colonoscopy without ANY sedation or medication. I know every twist and turn of my intestines. So I am not a total wuss. My pride just thought you should know that.

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