Friday, October 29, 2010

Introducing the Bass family . . .

I love taking pictures and I love writing . . . somehow these two passions have never combined into blogging or scrapbooking. Today, however, I have "wasted" most of the day determined to create a cute blog so our friends and family can keep up with us and so that there is some record of my kids' lives. Because I am tired of feeling like a neglectful mother (and really more because I need to go get ready for a little GNO), I will only take a few more minutes on this machine to introduce you to the Bass family.
This is Caroline. She is 8 1/2 going on 16. Usually she is the ideal child . . . sweet, responsible, helpful, caring towards her siblings, but oh my, sometimes I FEAR her teen years because the girl can give some sass. Caroline is in 3rd grade and loooooooooooves to read. She just started The Babysitters Club which makes my heart so happy because I read them way back in the day and I cannot wait to dish with her over Claudia and Stacy and Kristy and Mary Ann and Dawn and Mary Ann's boyfriend Logan and whether or not she would want 8 kids like the Pike family (am I still typing about the BSC?!). Love her. She is a precious, tenderhearted daughter.
This is Tru (on the right, that's Uncle Ben eating the ice cream on the left). Tru is 6 1/2 and is so sweet and sensitive and smart. Really he is. He is also forgetful and can tune out everyone when he wants too! He loves to read, too, and will belly laugh out loud while he is reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Tru is in 1st grade and is such a little lover. He loves to snuggle and cuddle.
This is Bo . . . the 4 year old who loves motion and may be physically incapable of looking at the camera while smiling. This is him saying "samile" (smile). Bozer Dozer is very sweet and very determined to do whatever Bo is determined to do. (I wish I could say I could always steer that in a direction of my choosing). He is a BIG fan of Buzz Lightyear (see above photo). Bo keeps our parenting fresh. Caroline and Tru required a completely different style of child rearing (like almost none at all), Bo and Sascha . . . well, they require a more hands on style. He is absolutely edible, though. God knows to make those more challenging kids cute and kissable so we get distracted, right?
And this is Sascha. The 2 year old princess. Many people have said, "Oh I bet as #4 she just blends right in . . . " HA! Sascha wants to make sure we don't forget she is here! In fact, if ever she is not demanding your attention or help and it is quiet, be VERY AFRAID. That's how your entire house becomes a canvas for her art. That's when she locks all the keys in the car. Those are the times she sneaks out to the backyard and sends everyone into a full blown panic looking for her. Oh, but don't you worry, because she is a mama's girl and there is little in the world I love more than nibbling on those sweet cheeks and cherishing this last baby/toddler.
This is Tate, our puggle. I could show you his absolutely adorable, guilt inducing face, but this a much more accurate representation of him. Motion. Jumping. Crazy. We love him.
And this is Josh and I. 10 years into marriage and we haven't killed each other yet! We reached a milestone this year . . . for the first time in our married life, we've gone over 2 years without being pregnant. That may explain the chronic exhaustion we live in. I stay home; he works as a physician recruiter. We both love football and experience a real withdrawl and mild depression on Saturdays from February-August. We have to limit the tv shows we watch because we can become somewhat obsessed with the characters and the stories. We love our kids; we love each other; we are trying to soak in this chaotic and exhausting time of life.

Well, there are the boring, bare essentials of us.


  1. Ya'll are PRECIOUS. Miss you guys!!!

  2. It's true, you will be an excellent blogger! Welcome to the blogging world! Glad I get to read about your fam :)