Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year! I canNOT believe it is 2013 . . . that's why every legal document I signed yesterday was dated 1/3/12.


Our Christmas was good--it was white and crazy and fun and we had 4 very happy kiddos. This year was one of those sweet years where no one had huge requests or expensive gift wants or really even a long list. We were pulling ideas out of them to cover the grandparents and aunts and uncles and us. I love that. Because sometimes they seem like greedy little farts. It's true. Sometimes they are. But when the commercialism wanes in them some and they are content and happy with anything they get, I am thankful to know I haven't completely ruined them. Yet.

To record for posterity's sake . . . Caroline asked for a sewing machine from Santa . . . we are still trying to get it up and running. Nice. Tru wanted a white board. (We don't know why either. It's random.) Bo chose a blue Batman costume. And Sascha wanted a My Little Pony castle. I guess they all ended up on the nice list since Christmas morning we awoke to the 4 things listed above. I will say, Sascha came pretty close to ending up on the naughty list, but a last minute phone call from Santa Christmas Eve straightened her right up.

We are all missing Jingle, the elf. He was always good for a laugh or for some behavior modification encouragement. Caroline is convinced Jingle will fall in love this year and come back married. Fingers crossed, Jingle, that this is your year for love.

Here are some pics from our celebrations:

 The boys' Christmas parties at school

 Making Christmas Eve pass faster with some crafts . . . edible winter villages. 
 Sassy. Wonder why we call her that?
 Sweet sisters
 The real Basses
  Christmas Eve service at church. (Pretending we are civilized)
 Opening presents at Nana and Papa's
 I love this baby. 
 Baby Dabis, Darwin, sweet cheeks and his mommy

 Cookies for Santa
 Mommy peeked before letting them upstairs
And aren't we glad everyone got some hats and gloves in their stockings because . . . 

The Blizzard of 2012:

 My family and the Matsons are behind those hard hitting snow pellets . . . we decided to go caroling in the snow and they joined us for a snowball fight. We only had about 6 inches at that time.
 Then the power went out so all the kids piled onto the couch bed with a zillion blankets and slept Little House on the Prairie style.

Such an amazing view from our street . . . and once the power came back on, it was all so much prettier. Ha!

So what do you do in a blizzard? We sledded, threw snowballs, cuddled by the fire, played games, read. Everything slowed down--what a gift that was for us!

 best sled run by Mr. Marty--love our neighbors!
 Lego Bo
 Tate didn't love the snow . . . we found some infamous yellow snow on the deck because he wouldn't venture all the way down

 He did enjoy playing cards with us though! Nana and Papa spent a night too because their power was still out. 

And maybe my favorite pic is the one of Bo dressed as a pirate playing Pirates of the Caribbean on X-Box. He loves dressing up!

But all good vacations must come to an end--Caroline started school this week. Josh went back to work and I started my part-time job doing marketing for our favorite Chick-fil-a. The boys don't go back til next Wednesday and I am so confused on what day it is that I almost missed one of Bo's therapies. It has been nice to not have dance and karate and all the other multitude of activities we find ourselves doing; I am sure that I will remember how to do it all, but the suburban and I have enjoyed the rest.

Here's to a great 2013 and while I am against resolutions, I do hope to blog more. 

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  1. Looks like a fun vacation! What a cute family! The matching PJs get me every time! Love them!! I hope you blog more in 2013! (I need to too!!)