Wednesday, December 19, 2012

sometimes words fail

have you ever just stared and stared at something, willing it to be different?

i have found myself staring at the computer or my phone many times today hoping and praying that what i see will change.

there is a girl . . . i guess we are women, but whatever . . . there is a precious woman named sarah who is in an icu bed in austin, texas fighting for her life. her 3 children (the youngest turned 2 this week) are at home with grandparents missing their mommy. her friends and parents are holding prayerful, vigilant watch by her bed. and many of us who know her through so and so or from this or that are staring at our phones and computers waiting for updates. we are all begging God to let this be a Christmas miracle. we are baffled that this could be for good. we are aching for her family and close friends.

please join all of us and pray for sarah henry. pray for God to intervene. pray for a miraculous healing. pray for Him to be the Prince of Peace in this situation. fall on your knees and beg that her 3 children will be spared the pain of losing their mother. nothing is too big for God.

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  1. Praying for this family. I do not know them, but my heart breaks for them. Praying for a miracle to unfold this season...